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My Opinion & My Story

“ My name is Angel Rodriguez. I am of Spanish descent, yet born in Australia. I am commonly called Angelo rather than Angel by my friends, but either one does not bother me. This is my story regarding my experience with Laetrile/Vitamin B17 here in Australia. I am 34 years old, married and have three beautiful daughters. I am a computer systems engineer by trade, but have a passion for all things to do with nature, especially natural herbs and remedies which I picked up from my South American mother, who has used them all her life for treating all types of diseases. ”



Around late 1997, my father was diagnosed with bowel cancer. He had the cancer removed by surgery in an operation that was deemed successful by his doctors. Later in 1999 on a regular routine check up, he was advised that cancer cells still present in his blood had caused the spread of cancer to his liver in the form of a large tumor and two smaller ones. He was also advised that there was no known medical treatment that was effective for this. The only options were an attempt of radiation therapy, or if willing he could subject himself to chemical and radiation experimental treatments with potentially serious side effects, and with no guarantee that he will benefit from the trials. Not really accepting this news, I again asked his oncologist what my fathers chances of any benefit from these treatments could be. He replied possibly a 0 - 30% of having some positive result, but realistically would be probably be 0% (At least they were honest). They had also informed my family that Liver cancer was considered one of the fastest growing cancers, and that so we were advised my dad would probably have maybe 12 - 18 months at best to live.

My first reaction was to think, "No WAY" I refuse to believe that God does not have somewhere, somehow in nature, some kind of natural treatment and remedy for cancer. Mans futile attempt to conquer this disease has obviously failed for my family. Surely, God must have something in nature that can kill cancer? It was around this time I received a random email from a friend of mine, as general point of interest to everyone on his list, while he was surfing the web, he had come across the site . I studied this site carefully and what it had to say and began researching the claims skeptically of my own accord. From here onwards I increased my knowledge of vitamin B17 from other web sites and bought all the books and reading material I could find on the subject. Although, still rather slightly skeptical at first, it was finding about the Contreras Oasis Hospital in Mexico and what they had achieved as laetrile pioneers that totally convinced me that "THIS WORKS" Especially after reading about cases like Cosmetic Giant Max Factors son Donald Factor and his cancer story. Donald Factor and his cancer story.  Donald Factor and his cancer story. (click here to read) The more I searched the more testimonials and stories I found from people who had beaten cancer with B17 Nutritional therapy. Hundreds of them !!

Early 2000

So I began to buy every book, video and resource on b17/Laetrile produced over the last 40 years to read up on this as I was starting to ask myself all the obvious questions:

  • If this works why is it illegal ?
  • If so many doctors have used it with great success, why the cover-ups and medical persecution against it ?
  • Why doesn't everybody know about this ?
  • Etc etc

What I found was both exciting and disheartening. Exciting as I discovered there were much more doctors using B17 with success and documenting their amazing successes with photos, scientific rationale etc. Disheartening, because for the first time in my life, I was introduced into the world of Pharmaceuticals and their true profit agenda. Disheartening because I found that the very government run cancer entities, supposedly there to find a cure for cancer, were in bed with the big Pharamas and very much a part of the corruption happening behind the scenes, that the public never see or hear about. (for more on this go to section on Why is B17 illegal). In short I found that the same people employed by the big Pharmas also were on the boards controlling the government run health and cancer entities.

Starting the treatment & Where does one find Apricot Seeds

I wanted to start my dad right away on this treatment. The first place to begin was a change in diet and to start eating apricot kernels. BUT Where does one buy apricot kernels from? I could not find them anywhere. I checked with places that sold nuts, health foods etc. Could not find them anywhere. So I tried buying them on the web from US laetrile web sites. I tried Jason Vales Site but found out the FDA had shut them down (Click here for more details). I found some at other sites but all the seeds I bought were confiscated by customs upon reaching Australia. At that time I called - (who have since been shut down by the FDA - click here for details) and they sent me a vitamin B supplement in a plastic vitamin bottle. When I opened it up it was full of Apricot kernels. They looked very old, rancid and dark but nevertheless it was a start. I continued to search for somewhere to get apricot seeds. My mother at this point had started to buy apricots and peaches and was giving the kernels to my dad to eat.

By this time, dads tumor was getting bigger and the results of his cancer cell count in his blood getting higher. I thought at this point I would have no choice, but to try and get him on at least the laetrile tablets in concentrated form as well as the seeds. I called up the Oasis hospital again to get some more advice on treatment. They suggested my father take Shark Cartilage and laetrile. So I tried ordering 1 bottle of B17 tablets. It arrived ok within 2 weeks. I then ordered another 3 bottles and that's when customs picked up on it. Customs were concerned about what it was, and was in it, rather than what it did. I gave them web sites details which had all the information of its composure, and amazingly they were happy with the information and 2 weeks later I received our 3 x B17 tablets. During this time my dad was taking shark cartilage about 4 weeks prior to the laetrile arriving and was also taking shark cartilage several months after the laetrile tablets ran out. He was taking the suggested dose of 3g ie. 6 x 500mg Laetrile tablets a day. 2 in the morning, 2 at lunch and 2 in the evening. I also had him taking for a few months ESSIAC and red clover herb tea. The laetrile combined with the shark cartilage and 30 apricot seeds a day seemed to be helping as within a few months the hospital test results were starting to be positive and the tumor had suddenly stopped growing. His blood cancer cell count had also not increased which was positive.

Nov 2000 - Jan 2001

During Nov 2000 - Jan 2001, we had run out of seeds, and my dad had also suffered his second heart attack, so he was told to go off the shark cartilage. He had a new heart vessel cleaning treatment called an angioplast and had his arteries were unblocked. He was recovering well but the cancer was still there and still a problem. At this point as we had no apricot seeds due to seasonal factors and could not give him shark cartilage because of his heart implications, so mum started giving him Fresh Aloe Vera from her Aloe plants with fresh apple Juice. By Feb 2001, apricot seeds in Australia had come back in season so I ordered a large supply of them. I also had posted up a simple B17 website as I wondering how many people out there were searching for something else in the treatment of cancer that worked and was totally natural with no side effects.