Importance of Calcium & Cancer

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Coral Calcium has over the last few years started become more and more prevalent because of the internet in our lives. You need only do a search in any search engine for Coral Calcium and cancer and you will get thousands of hits from websites posted by people who swear by it. I have been researching this over the last 12 months and both logically and scientifically it does seem to make a lot of sense when you discover all of the facts out there.

FACT 1 - The lack of Oxygen in the body creates an acidic state which further drives out Oxygen to the point we contract many degenerative diseases including cancer. Cancer thrives in an Acidic state.

FACT 2 - Cancer cannot survive in an Alkalised body system. If your Alkaline, your body is well oxygenated and tuned to a pH of approx 7.2 or higher. Most doctors are aware that cancer cannot survive in an alkali. But what has often bewildered them is how to make the body alkaline? (M. Von Ardenne showed that at a pH of about 7.4, cancer cells enter a dormant state.)

Where is the Evidence for these facts you ask ?

Dr. Otto Warburg who was awarded 2 Nobel Prizes, discovered in 1932 that Cancer is the result of, the lack of oxygen in the body - a condition known as Anaerobism. He also said that the acid in the body's fluids (acidosis) expels oxygen from the body, thereby inducing cancer. He was able to prove this by inducing cancer in 40 different species of animals within 3 days. Most of us didn't even know there were NOBEL PRIZES awarded for discovery of the cause for cancer, yet we awarded Dr Warburg the Nobel Prize for his paper "Cause & Prevention of Cancer".

Dr. Linus Pauling, also winner of 2 Nobel Prizes, once said, "You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency." Just as the human body needs adequate amounts of water and air to survive, it also needs minerals -- or it will die. It stands to reason, therefore, that when you provide your body with the necessary minerals, you drive out the acid and your body becomes more alkaline.

But then WHY CALCIUM ?

Calcium is, by far, the king of these alkalizing nutrients. The appropriate type of calcium effectively douses acid the same way that water douses fire. It destroys oxygen-robbing acid in the body fluids, thereby keeping the body alkaline so that it can prevent disease effortlessly. Calcium oxygenates the cells of the body, and is the nutritional counterpart of continually breathing in fresh air -- something that is not always possible within our polluted spaces and busy schedules.

Mainstream media has recognized the significance of calcium in recent years. On October 13, 1998, the New York Times featured a 5-page spread entitled, "Calcium: Takes Its Place As a Superstar of Nutrients" wherein it quoted the Journal of the American Medical Association as stating that calcium prevents and reverses cancer.

It also reported that the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

stated that "virtually no major organ system escapes calcium's influence."


Calcium is undeniably valuable to your health because it is a key nutrient in over 500 important bodily functions. Your body also needs more calcium than any other mineral because your body consists of more calcium than all the other minerals combined. Calcium deficiency is known to bring about over 200 diseases.

However, calcium is not predisposed to being absorbed by the body. While there is no such thing as a "bad" calcium, there are some that are much superior to others.

  • An antacid calcium like Tums in the USA , for instance, has about 2% absorbability. So if you're taking a 400 mg Tums tablet, you're really getting only 8 mg.
  • Calcium citrates are approximately 10% absorbable, and chelated minerals can go from 10% to 50% absorbability.
  • Milk is about 17% absorbable, but contains lactic acid which may aggravate the acidity in some people. It also contains proteins that may, ironically, hinder calcium absorption.
  • Liquid calcium also has a high absorption rate, but if the body is not exposed to sunlight on a daily basis, can lead to hypercalcemia (excessive blood levels of calcium).
  • Coral calcium is virtually 95%

absorbable. Because it is ionized (takes on a positive charge), coral calcium is far more useable for humans compared to other calcium supplements.

Oftentimes, regular calcium supplements are not metabolized by the body, but instead are excreted.

It is important to understand that the above absorption rates are just average rates -- and should be viewed relative to your own body's ability to absorb calcium (which depends on several factors). Click Here for calcium absorbability chart.

Is Coral Calcium a "Cure" for Disease?

Coral calcium does not "cure" degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease or arthritis -- but it does provide the body with what it needs to cure itself. As pointed out earlier, the body needs water, air, minerals and other elements in order to survive. Alkalizing the body with nutrients such as coral calcium allows the body to repair and restore itself back to health.

If any lesson can be gleaned from the long-living people of Okinawa, Hunza, Vilcabamba and others, the human body was designed to live a long, healthy, and disease-free life -- but only if it is given what it needs.

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* pH is the measurement of the how acid or alkaline a substance is.