Import Laetrile into Australia

If you choose a non toxic nutritional treatment for cancer and you wish to incorporate Laetrile into it, below are some ways that may help:

1. With the guidance of a medical practitioner who is open to natural therapies, you can arrange to import the laetrile and associated vitamins and enzymes yourself. Under their guidance and/or through your own research you can have your doctor administer the B17 for you. If they need advice on on best practices try and conference a call with a doctor from the Oasis hospital in Mexico who may be able to help. If you need to know of names of Australian based doctors simply drop me an email by filling out the "Contact US" form by clicking on the link at the top - contact us.

You can also follow the treatment plan in Dr Philip Binzels book "Alive & Well" who's protocol has been very successful in treating cancer. You can purchase the book from the Oz Nature Shop website -

Phillip Days book "Cancer why were dying to know the truth" , is an excellent resource and has a very good detailed plan on using B17 as an alternative treatment program.

How to actually order Laetrile into Australia

In order to obtain Laetrile in Australia, you need a permit issued by the TGA in Canberra. This requires a doctor to sign and complete a 1 page form called a TGA notification for catagory A permit request form. You can download a copy here. Once a doctor has filled in the form, you then need to contact the Special Access Scheme (02 6232 8111) for details on the supply of unapproved medicines in Australia. Get someone's name and tell them you will fax them the completed form to them personally and inform them you require a permit to be urgently faxed back to you that day. Let the person know you will be calling them immediately after you fax the form to them to ensure they have it in their hands. That way that person will take ownership and you will have your permit within 24-48 hours. Click here to see a sample permit

Once you have the permit you can order laetrile from a variety of sources and websites on the Net. Its probably a good idea to actually phone up and speak to someone and order them.

A good source is - Based in Mexico they are the original manufacturers of most of the Laetrile in the world, known in spanish as Amygdalina. They are also known as

You can also try calling the Oasis hospital (619) 690-8400. They should put you through to Kemsa Laboratories who is affiliated to the Oasis of hospital and although they do not advertise laetrile on the web they should be able to help as my understanding is they supply Oasis with their laetrile.

QLD HEALTH - At present QLD health is not allowing B17 tablets even with a permit. Click here to see QLD Health position on b17.

VIC HEALTH - VIC Health have also tightened their legilsation, and are making the importation with laetrile even with a permit more difficult.

Finally remember to ask God for guidance and ask God to heal you through natural therapy.