Buy apricot seeds in Australia

Where to Purchase Apricot Kernels in Australia

This web site does not sell any apricot kernels as it would be illegal to do so given the content. This website is purely informational.

There are a few online and retail sources of apricot kernels in Australia ranging in price.

You can purchase apricot kernels for as little as $16.95 from   These are the cheapest and fairest we have been able to find and a good source of apricot seeds in Australia. They ship express post and deliver almost the next day to all Australian locations for a $10 flat rate.

For those wanting certified organic apricot seeds these are a little more expensive but well worth it -

Apricot kernels are food and spice and many health food grocers, markets and health food stores carry apricot kernels, so check your local health food store.