• Dr Philip Binzel

    Dr Philip Binzel

    Astounding success with patients using
    Vitamin B17

  • Dr  Kanematsu Sugiura

    Dr  Kanematsu Sugiura

    I write what I see - laetrile is a good
    palliative drug!

  • The late Dr Ernesto Contreras

    The late Dr Ernesto Contreras

    Founder of Oasis hospital. over 30 years using vitamin b17.

  • Dr Ralph Moss

    Dr Ralph Moss

    ‘blew the whistle’ on the cover-up of
    positive data on laetrile

  • Dr Harold Manner

    Dr Harold Manner

    Had amazing results testing vitamin b17 in his labs.

  • Dr Francisco Contreras

    Dr Francisco Contreras

    carries on his fathers work and supports
    vitamin b17.

  • Dr Manuel Navarro

    Dr Manuel Navarro

    Obtained  amazing results over
    18 years with b17.

  • Dr Dean Richardson

    Dr Dean Richardson

    Saw many terminal cancer patients
    return to normal lives with  vitamin B17.


Welcome ! This is an informational website based on nutritional therapy to assist those looking for effective alternatives to Chemo & Radiotherapy!

The information contained in this website is informational only and not designed to be a substititute for medical guidance. At all times a practitioner should be consulted.

As you read & journey through this site, you will be shocked and amazed at the results that B17 nutritional therapy as an "unproven", alternative cancer treatment has achieved, yet be even more shocked to see, hear & listen to top scientists and doctors that have been surpressed from telling us the truth! - All for the pursuit of the dollar $$. 

Vitamin B17 which is naturally found in many foods like strawberries, cashews and apricot kernels is harmless.
After all... it's Only Natural!
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